Be prepared for a healthy amount of jealous glares.
You're a  warrior by birth,
Viking by choice.
The integrated blade cover keeps your blade safe and sharp without a traditional sheath.

The integrated carabiner attaches your Longship to your gear or waist, secure simplicity between cutting tasks.
The Longship is a uniquely worthy addition to your arsenal.
if you run...
You'll only die tired.
These feared warriors that had a reputation for planning and executing tactical-level operations with strategic impact using speed, surprise and violence of action, time and time again.

8th century
In honor of these great explorers we are pleased to present a limited stock of the brand new Longship Knife!

These raid worthy knives will bring you years of enjoyment and plenty of jealous glares! 

These will not stay in stock long...
  • Integrated Blade Cover transforms into handle.
  • Comfort Grip Finger Loop
  • ​One-Handed Opening
  • ​Integrated Carabiner
  • ​Drill Bit Insert: Phillips and Flat included
  • ​3mm - 8mm Hex Wrench
  • Ergonomic + Ambidextrous Design
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Thick 1/8" Blade
  • Stainless and Rust-proof
  • Ultralight: 3.6 Ounces
You'll love It!
Less than 350 in stock!!
Powered by
the "Oar"
Blade Cover
Over Land, or Underwater this piece of gear will serve you without question. The integrated "OAR" (Oscilating ARm) protects the sheepsfoot edge allowing access to the integrated carabiner, to easily clip the Longship to your gear or waist.
Razor SHarp
in arm's reach
Integrated Carabiner is the perfect solution for versatility. Easily attach it to your MOLLE, Backpacks, Beltloops or even Life-vests. 

Take it where you need it...over land or under water. Security...On Your Terms.
Although your Longship doesn't need a sheath, we've included one for more traditional fixed-blade knife style use. 

It readily accepts the Longship while the blade is in the open-position if you don't have a convenient place to set it down.  It also features a pouch to store the two drill bits.
Claim Your Longships
before they're gone
Don't Miss Out
To accompany the pre-cut slot in your Longship we've added two double-sided drill bits for on-the-go jobs.

Each double sided bit is 1-1/2" long and can neatly be stored in a special pouch on the belt-sheath that is also included in every order.
attack any
be the victor.
The 2.75 inch sheepsfoot blade is an absolute Workhorse! Providing you even cutting pressure over every slice. 

What's more, the straight razors-edge make it a pleasure to sharpen and easy to  maintain with a consistent sharpening angle.

As a minimalist knife, we've carefully designed the spine to contour with your hand from multiple working because there isn't only one way to hold a knife.

All hand-contact surfaces have tediously rounded and smoothed angles to give you the comfort to work with this knife continuously while preserving your grip-strength for follow-on tasks.
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We know you're going to love your Longship Knives and we fully stand by our products. That's why when you claim yours today you get a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.

That means, if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason at all, just contact us and we will fully refund your purchase back to your account, no questions asked!

PS: Our customer service team is All-American and based out of Virginia, so don't hesitate to contact us if you were worried about long-delays, foreign time-zones or language barriers.

asked questions
The Longship Knife
How long does shipping take?
Your package will be shipped from our Virginia warehouse within 3-5 business days once we receive your order. 

If you select the "Rush & Insure My Order" option on the following order page, we will get your package into the mail-stream NEXT business day; if your package gets lost we'll replace for FREE.

Once your package hits the post-office, expect another 2-4 business days for them to deliver to your destination.
Where was the Longship designed and manufactured?
The Longship knife was designed in San Diego, California and is manufactured  by Outdoor knife specialists in Yangjiang, China.
What is the load-bearing on the integrated carabiner?
We have not scientifically tested the load capacity and the integrated carabiner is intended for securing the knife to you, or your gear. 

NOTE: Several customers have reported, that they easily suspended between 15-25-lbs of gear with no problem.

IMPORTANT: The carabiner should not be used in any circumstance to carry children or adults and we advise less than 10-lb loads.
What kind of blade grind is on  the 2.75" sheepsfoot?
The major grind is a Hollow-Grind, with a secondary bevel.
What steel is the Longship made of?
420HC Stainless Steel – this is hardened carbon steel with added chromium to resist corrosion and  increase performance.

400-series stainless steel is easily the most popular choice used in EDC knives today.

Steel variations include the 400-series, 154CM, AUS, VG, CTS, MoV, Sandvik and Crucible SxxV series of steels.
What size in the Hex wrench?
The integrated hex ranges  from 3mm to 8mm
What if there's a problem with my order?
If there is any problems or issues please contact us immediately. Our team is 100% based in the USA, so don't worry about being transferred to another country.

Call: 1-844-244-4350
Do I have a money-back guarantee?
You sure do. You get a 60-Day money back guarantee. For any reason your not 100% happy with your order/gift. Contact us so we can help make it right.
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