The Longship Knife

Sheath-lessly Engineered.

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Save Big With A Multi-Pak!!!
Rush Delivered From Our Virginia Warehouse!
Unleash Your Inner Viking!
Integrated 'OAR' Sheath
​Integrated Carabiner
​Excellent Corrosion Resistance
​Rust Proof
A ​Specialist For Piercing & Slicing Tasks
​1/8" Spine
Sharp 2.75" Sheepsfoot (7" Overall)
​Easy To Sharpen
​Integrated HEX Wrench
​Screwdriver Hex Cut-Out 
​1x Phillips & 1x Flat Drill Bits (Included)
​Black Belt-Loop Sheath (Included)
​FREE Weather-Proof Vinyl Sticker
​FREE Thoriam Postcard
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Rush Delivered To You From Virginia, USA!

Ultralight. Tactical. Utility.

With A Task Dominating Work Ethic!

WORKHORSE: The 2.75 inch sheepsfoot blade provides even cutting pressure over every slice. What's more, the straight razors-edge make it a pleasure to sharpen with a consistent sharpening angle.
'OAR' Intergrated Locking Sheath: Inspired by the Viking Longships, the OAR securely locks in place over the blade when you want to safely put the Longship on stand by. When opened it transforms into the knife handle.
Save Big With A Multi-Pak!!!
Rush Delivered From Our Virginia Warehouse!
Poweful. Aesthetic. 
Minimalist. Warrior.
Integrated Carabiner: The perfect solution for versatility. Easily attach it to your MOLLE, Backpacks, Beltloops or even Life-vests. Take it where you need it. Security...On Your Terms.
Extreme Corrosion Resistance: Crafted from hardened stainless steel. This rust resistant 3CR13MOV can take a beating from whatever you throw at it and sharpens up fast to Continue-Mission.
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1x Longship Knife $19.95
2x $19 ea.
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4x $17 Ea.
5x $16 ea.
10x $14 Ea.
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